EXPHYS REHAB is a leading exercise physiology provider of comprehensive rehabilitation services that return people to work and life following injury and illness

Established in 2008, EXPHYS REHAB service the entire Sydney Metropolitan and Illawarra regions at conveniently located facilities, workplaces, and homes.

Our purpose is restoring people’s function to achieve their return to work and life goals following injury or illness.  We achieve this through our values of empowerment, outcome-focus, team work, enjoyment, and best-practice.

Achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients and customers has EXPHYS REHAB recognised as the provider of choice for insurers, small and large employers, and individuals. We strive to ensure the Health Benefits of Work are realised by our clients.

The EXPHYS REHAB difference:

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation solutions incorporating all aspects to return people to work and life
  • Client improvements transfer into meaningful real life outcomes
  • Our team think outside the square meaning that no two interventions are the same
  • We successfully work with any individual at any stage of the recovery process
  • Our standing within the industry sees us being asked to provide expert opinion and consultancy advice to employers, doctors, insurers and other professionals
  • Our principal consultants each have over ten years experience within the industry
  • Our team is committed to keeping up to date, teaching and implementing best practice


Contact us to discuss how EXPHYS REHAB can assist you with your specific needs